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A Natural Way to Heal

As part of our practice and philosophy, we strive to both educate and empower our clients to assist them in the healing process by providing both office and in home medical massage. This type of massage provides relief for individuals suffering from medical issues, including pre- and post-surgical procedures.

Our Massage Therapists are certified by the Arizona Massage Board and utilize both eastern and western massage modalities.  We work with clients seeking relief from chronic pain due to injury or illness as well as those who value the power of massage for stress management.

Meet the owner:

Karen McGhee, LMT, MMT, is committed to the powerful effect massage therapy has on the body.  She has over twenty years of experience in helping clients with chronic pain.  In 2011 she received her mastery of myotherapy.   She has worked in clinical settings, med spas, fitness centers, along with hospice settings and in home therapies. It is her passion to help clients understand what stress does to the body and how massage can help in a holistic way.

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